Diva with Depression

The pain of depression without the filter.


The hurt I felt after getting the call saying he was shot. Or killed. The pain from contractions. The pain from the epidural needle. The pain from swallowing for the first time after my tonsillectomy. The hurt from a devastating... Continue Reading →



I know. What a word! I needed something to explain the state of my space, head, and life. Most people have heard of clusterfuck. That's kinda common. That wasn't good enough to describe my situation. I had decided that it... Continue Reading →

Seasons change . . . . . For some . . . . 

I've read a lot over the years about S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder is described as a depression that occurs at the same time every year . Commonly, when seasons change towards the end of the year. Fall to winter. Darker... Continue Reading →

You Ask Me Why…….

Stolen lands, Stolen fam. Chains and whips, Deadly ships. You ask me why I'm depressed. Crowded cells, Prison hell. Broken homes, A community alone. You ask me why I'm depressed. Whispers and sighs, Generational lies. Parental abuse, Sexual misuse. You... Continue Reading →

You Should Have Behaved Better! Part 1.

Disclosure: One of the hardest things about documenting my journey, publicly, is my mother's place in that journey. I have lived my whole life- defending her, shielding her, respecting her. I felt that highlighting her part in my struggle would... Continue Reading →

What TF Am I Supposed To Do Now?!

The past few months, the doctors and therapists have been worried about me. They keep talking about this empty nest thing. What?! My sister tells everyone that the day I gave birth to my first child, my past life ended.... Continue Reading →


They had been trying to get me back here for two weeks now, but I kept fighting it. But yesterday, when I had the overwhelming desire to beat the shit out of two grown men, I knew I was in... Continue Reading →


For the second time in several months, I checked myself into a mental facility. This last visit truly was one of my last attempts at taming the monster that has taken over my mind. Hence, the name-The Last Resort. When... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

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