Diva with Depression

The pain of depression without the filter.

Did You Hear?

1999- Did you hear about Amadou? They murdered him..... šŸ’” 2006- Did you hear about Sean? They murdered him.... šŸ’” 2014- Did you hear about Tamir. They murdered him... šŸ’” 2014- Did you hear about John? They murdered him... šŸ’”... Continue Reading →

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You Ask Me Why…….

Diva with Depression

Stolen lands,
Stolen fam.
Chains and whips,
Deadly ships.
You ask me why Iā€™m depressed.

Crowded cells,
Prison hell.
Broken homes,
A community alone.
You ask me why Iā€™m depressed.

Whispers and sighs,
Generational lies.
Parental abuse,
Sexual misuse.
You ask me why Iā€™m depressed.

Discrimination and hate,
The world on my plate.
You ask me why Iā€™m depressed.

Doctors WITH borders.
Communities out of order.
You ask me why Iā€™m depressed.

I am black. I am brown. I am a king. I am a queen. I give life. I give worlds.

I am murdered. I am ignored. I am beaten. I am stifled. I am abused. I am mistreated. I am misdiagnosed. I am neglected.
I am numb. I am hurting. I am screaming. I am reaching. I am fighting. I am drowning.

I am broken.
I am dying.





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So, on February 20, 2020, I had my last TMS treatment. I was scheduled for 30 treatments and 6 step down sessions. I believe that it was shortened due to money and the fact that it wasn't working. I wasn't... Continue Reading →

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My Hail Mary…

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Hey 2020!

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Trauma Bonding- Abused but Protective

I have gotten to the point where I have to start having some serious "come to Jesus" discussions with myself. I often wondered why people who were abused, physically or emotionally, by someone, would do their best to not speak... Continue Reading →

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