Diva with Depression

The pain of depression without the filter.


PSA: I am not a sponsor. I don't get paid by anyone. I'm a broke blogger. I don't own the rights to anything. Ok then. Zoloft. Prozac. Wellbutrin. Cymbalta. Paxil. Lithium. Remeron. Effexor. Geodon. The list goes on. Take this... Continue Reading →


How You Doin????

Hi Everyone!! I'm so very sorry for the long pause. As you know, my life is a series of roller coaster dips. My coaster got stuck in the last drop and I've been there ever since. You know that I... Continue Reading →

“I’m slippin, I’m falling….”

Ay yo I'm slippin' I'm fallin' I can't get up Ay yo I'm slippin' I'm fallin' I can't get up Ay yo I'm slippin' I'm fallin' I gots to get up Get me back on my feet so I can... Continue Reading →

Save A Life. Save Your Life.

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide 110 West Main St. Freehold, NJ 07728 (732) 410-7900 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-TALK(8255) 2ND FLOOR YOUTH HELPLINE (888) 222-2228 NAMI(National Alliance on Mental Illness) HelpLine (800) 950-6264 Continue Reading →


First, I want to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for following me. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your feedback.I appreciate every interaction. Some days social media is... Continue Reading →

Depression Expressions

When you're inpatient, you have to attend groups all day. It's mandatory. And there's only so much mindfulness and DBT/CBT that one can take daily. So I decided to try something different. I went to art therapy. Now, I'm crafty.... Continue Reading →

Season’s Demons 

I love Christmas. I love decorating. I love everything snowmen. And nothing beats the classic Christmas specials and the Hallmark movies. Here's the thing: the Monster is at it's worst during the holidays. I don't know exactly what it is.... Continue Reading →


I was in church the other night and heard these words- " I have to love me in order to love others." I wrote it down so I could revisit it later. I don't think it's true. At least not... Continue Reading →

Thankful But Sad

It took me a few days to regroup enough to write this. This has been an extremely tough year for me. And the past six months have been extra, um, bumpy. So it came as no surprise that this holiday... Continue Reading →

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