Diva with Depression

The pain of depression without the filter.


That's one of my favorite songs. Bill Withers is a legend. I was at a festival a few weeks ago. There were so many representatives from different organizations. As I walked around, it occurred to me that I should... Continue Reading →

Happy Sperm Donor’s Day….. 

I asked her, "why the hell did you bring this pain into my life?" *crickets* From the day I was born, Daddy Hairston was my daddy. He was far from perfect. His flaws, sometimes, took us all down. But until... Continue Reading →

“DON’T NOBODY BRING ME NO BAD NEWS” The Wiz is one of my FAVORITE movies!!! I know the words. The songs. The emotions. So it was only fitting that I use this song as input for this blog.i I am a constant work in progress. I... Continue Reading →

Unhappy Mother’s Day 

Every year I celebrate my mother. I do the cards. The gifts. Some visits.  I make sure the kids acknowledge their grandmother.  I'm the respectful daughter. Always making sure that respect come first.  I can't do it this year. I... Continue Reading →


I'm afraid of the dark. I don't know if I'm afraid of the lurking spirits or my dark thoughts. I'm afraid of mice and snakes. The animals and the humans. I'm afraid of death. Not the dying part. The part... Continue Reading →

Sickness Du Jour… 

Guess what? Did you know that depression is real? Did you know that mental illness doesn't know tax brackets or race? *insertsideeye* Demi Lovato. Prince Harry. Lady Gaga. Gwyneth Paltrow. The list is much longer. Let me start by saying... Continue Reading →

I’m depressed because I’m fat. I’m fat because I’m depressed. 

I don't remember exactly when I started gaining weight. I'm sure it started when I got out of the dating game. Then when I became pregnant, all bets were off. It's interesting how different your interactions become when you're round. ... Continue Reading →

Edison’s Medicine. Fried Brain

What kind of one flew over the cuckoo's nest shit was he tryna pull!!! Electric Shock Therapy. Electroconvulsive Therapy. What the fk is that?! That was what I said to my "quack of the moment". (don't yell at me. he... Continue Reading →

Lost in Darkness 

Usually I'd have a long blog about something. Today I find myself numb. And rambling. So I'm going to take you on a trip through my unfiltered mind.  Two weeks ago a friend passed away unexpectedly. His sister, one of... Continue Reading →

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