Diva with Depression

The pain of depression without the filter.

I’m fat. I’m crazy. Now I’m fat AND crazy!! 

Kanye West is NOT high on my favorite people list. I've always thought that he was kind of difficult. I just chalked it up to talent and arrogance. However, I always believed that he was "different" I think his mother... Continue Reading →



Two weeks ago, I ended up in a difficult situation. At the time I thought I handled pretty well. Even when I went to therapy that Monday, I was convinced that I wasn't bothered. The next day, I didn't leave... Continue Reading →

“MOM, I think we need to go to the HOSPITAL”

What followed was- tears, panic, numbness, fear, concern, anger, and fighting. She's always been very sensitive. Just like her mommy. From birth, we were connected to each other like glue. My mother said,(and still says) that I'm "abnormally" close to... Continue Reading →


I have been blogging on and off for about 4 years. I have a blog that I used to discuss any and everything. It was fun and entertaining for me. When I decided to do this blog, it was a... Continue Reading →

S.O.S.!! SAVE OUR SISTAHS! "What the hell do you have to be depressed about?" "After all our people have been through! You don't know depressed!!" "You don't need no therapy. Telling white folks all our business ain't gonna help nothing!" "Go to church.... Continue Reading →


About a month ago, I was in therapy. I don't remember the exact conversation, but it shook me. Made me sad. Then angry. When I got to the car, I cried. Real tears. Hot tears. Draining tears. Defeated tears.  I've been... Continue Reading →


That's one of my favorite songs. Bill Withers is a legend. I was at a festival a few weeks ago. There were so many representatives from different organizations. As I walked around, it occurred to me that I should... Continue Reading →

Happy Sperm Donor’s Day….. 

I asked her, "why the hell did you bring this pain into my life?" *crickets* From the day I was born, Daddy Hairston was my daddy. He was far from perfect. His flaws, sometimes, took us all down. But until... Continue Reading →

“DON’T NOBODY BRING ME NO BAD NEWS” The Wiz is one of my FAVORITE movies!!! I know the words. The songs. The emotions. So it was only fitting that I use this song as input for this blog.i I am a constant work in progress. I... Continue Reading →

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